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Organic Aloe vera & Chios Mastic


Recommended daily dosage: 30-50ml
Product of Organic Farming

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  • Hygiene of the digestive system
  • Normal intestine function
  • Relief of stomach disorders
  • Prevents indigestion

Litinas Aloe’s Premium Formula is enriched with a natural extract of Chios Mastic (15%) and mastic oil, providing even more benefits to the human organism. Chios Mastic, officially recognized as a natural remedy with healing indications, contributes in the normal fuction and hygiene of our digestive system, prevents indigestion and any stomach disorders, while at the same time offers rich antibacterial, antiinflammatory and antioxidant action.

Litinas Aloe products contain all nutrients and active ingredients found in Aloe vera gel which are maintained due to an innovative processing and pasteurisation method
(Patent No 1008776)