Our company is a pioneer in the production of certified Aloe vera «Aloe barbadensis Miller» in Greece with organic farming

Our target is the promotion of the uses of Aloe barbadensis Miller (Aloe vera) species, a well known medicinal plant, based on the medical bibliography for ages, with many healing properties, systematically and successfully cultivated in Greece since 1995. Our suppliers are farmers/producers of Aloe vera leaves who are certified for their organic farming plantations and land. We closely cooperate with the Greek organisation of organic certification “DIO” for the purpose of securing organic certification for the Aloe vera leaves that are used to all our products.

As part of our effort to achieve stable high quality standards, our suppliers farmers/producers must obtain propagating material (seedlings) of the species Aloe barbadensis Miller only (genus Aloe), from approved nurseries with organic certification.


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Γίνε μέλος της οικογένειας LITINAS ALOE και λάβε 10% έκπτωση στην πρώτη σου παραγγελία
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